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Date 24/04/11 - The Great White Train added

Date 08/05/10 - KKG bogie horsebox added

Date 25/04/10 - The Vintage Train carriages added

Date 25/04/10 - The ex-Pullman clerestory roof NCL set added

Date 25/04/10 - Way and Works vans added

Date 04/04/10 - all current items have been uploaded.

NSWGR Carriages

No image ... nsw_exp_lav_v3.exe... Readme... 1.6 MB... Version 3.0... Date Jan2009

Express Lavatory stock - the "LFX" style cars - side loading stock for medium distance country services - introduced lavatory facilities for all passengers - were often run as un-coded sets between the wars, but post-WWII, were not run in defined sets, but simply used as "strengtheners" on many passenger trains - many were converted into the later R-Type corridor cars. In the post-war era, just about every secondary train had an LFX, CX or BX (or two) attached. Also includes EHO Passenger Brake Van, HCX Brake Composite and IHO Inter-urban Parcels Trailer.

No image ... nsw_fo_suburban_pass_set_v2.exe... Readme... 2.4 MB... Version 2.0... Date May2007

'End-platform American Suburban' Tourist stock (based on conversions of the early American end-loading suburban stock) - the LUB (8 car) and LOB (6 car) sets - these were the mainstay of most local services right up to the end of steam - the Tourist cars were converted to have electric lighting and toilet facilities for all passengers - most conversions retained Mansard roofs. Also available in this category are the CCA (branchline) and RG (racing greyhound) cars, the Far West Childrens Health Scheme Clinic car and the special Email Westinghouse Exhibition cars.

No image ... nsw_l_type_v3.exe... Readme... 1.2 MB... Version 3.0... Date Oct2007

The "L-Type" stock - the CUB (6 cars) sets - the first centre-aisle gangwayed stock built for country services - the CUB sets also introduced Buffet services with interconnecting gangways within the train, but not to adjoining stock at the end of the set - these cars were conversions of old pre-1890 Express suburban stock and retained their Mansard roofs.

No image ... nsw_r_type_v3.exe... Readme... 2.4 MB... Version 3.0... Date Oct2007

The "R-Type" stock - the SUB (7 cars) sets - these were improved side-corridor gangwayed stock built for the more important country services - they were conversions of Mansard roofed Express Lavatory stock - the sets had gangways at the end of the set so adjoining corridor cars had access to the Buffet facilities.

No image ... nsw_h_type_v1.exe... Readme... 1.5 MB... Version 1.0... Date Nov2007

The HUB (7 car) sets - the first new air-conditioned express passenger cars for the principal daytime expresses, including two sets 116 and 117 dedicated to the Newcastle Express services - also used on the Central West Express, the South Coast Daylight Express, and the Riverina Express.

No image ... nsw_ncl_set_v1.exe... Readme... 1.1 MB... Version 1.0... Date Apr2010

The ex-Pullman clerestory roofed NCL car set as it was in its last days, in faded Tuscan and Russet livery. These NCL sets saw out their last days on the Cootamundra Day train, the Moss Vale train and the Kempsey Day train during the 1950's.

No image ... nsw_vintage_train_v1.exe... Readme... 1.2 MB... Version 1.0... Date Nov2007

The Vintage Train as it was running around 1965 - the ex-Pullman clerestory roofed cars in faded Indian Red, and the unique AC State Car repainted into chocolate and off-white livery - usually hauled by a 12 class and/or a 17 class 4-4-0.

No image ... nsw_other_pass_v2.exe... Readme... 1.4 MB... Version 2.0... Date Jan2005

Other Passenger Carriages - a range of miscellaneous sitting and sleeping carriages, including TAM, ACM, MAL, MCE, MFE, BS and FS cars.

No image ... nsw_pass_van_v2.exe... Readme... 2.1 MB... Version 2.0... Date Jan2005

Passenger Vans - a range of miscellaneous coaching stock vehicles such as Mail Vans, Prison Van, Passenger Full Brake Vans, and Dynamometer car, also includes both single and twin tank Bogie Milk Tank vehicles.

No image ... nsw_bogie_horsebox_v1.exe... Readme... 0.7 MB... Version 1.0... Date May2010

KKG Bogie Horsebox - a common vehicle used for transport of horses to racecourse meetings and general horse transport throughout NSW.

No image ... nsw_works_wagons_v1.exe... Readme... 1.1 MB... Version 1.0... Date Apr2010

Way and Works Vans - a range of miscellaneous ex-coaching stock vans used by the different engineering departments in the NSWGR.

NSWGR Special Coaching Trains

No image ... nsw_ambulance_train_v1.exe... Readme... 1.6 MB... Version 1.0... Date Oct2008

Ambulance Train - In 1941 during World War 2, the number of wounded military personnel (Army, Navy and Air Force) being returned to Australia for Repatriation increased to the point that it was considered necessary to create two Ambulance Trains for use throughout NSW.

As well as the Ward Cars converted from N-Type cars, several other cars were modified for use by the Medical Staff accompanying the Ambulance Trains - each set had one TAM Sleeping Car, two BS First Class cars, one AB Dining Car, then the 8-car converted N-Type sets, followed up by a PGH Goods Brake van.

This pack represents only part of the Ambulance Train - for the converted N-Type cars in Red Cross livery, see Joshua Russell's N-Type cars from the 'Coals to Newcastle' website.

No image ... nsw_great_white_train_bbs_v1.exe... Readme... 3.2 MB... Version 1.0... Date Apr2011

The Great White Train - In 1925-1926 the Australian Made Preference League built an exhibition train which toured 100 cities and towns throughout NSW. The train comprised 13 early BCV vans that were converted into exhibition display vans, and the train had additional support coaches and vans for the attending staff.

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